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Wed, 19 Jan 2011 21:42:09 GMT | By Francis Whittaker
Worst ever Grammy decisions

Best Rock Song, 1993

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Winner: Eric Clapton - Layla (acoustic version)

The early 1990s saw a revolution in rock music. The old rock aristocracy had been shaken up and spandex-clad hair metal had been all but obliterated thanks to the work of one band - grunge pioneers Nirvana. When Kurt Cobain and gang's signature tune Smells Like Teen Spirit was nominated for Best Rock Song in 1993 it should have been a certainty to win.

Sadly not. The prize went to talented guitarist but undoubted sixties-and-seventies relic Eric Clapton for a slowed-down, acoustic version of his 1970 Derek & The Dominoes hit Layla. So, to add to the dissappointment of the Academy once again failing to grasp popular sentiment, they gave the Best Rock Song Award award to a recording which was not only far too languid to really be considered 'rock', but one that was written 22 years previously. A truly spectacular Grammy error.