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Wed, 31 Oct 2012 18:30:06 GMT
And the Academy Award for best host goes to…

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres (© Gary Hershorn/Reuters)
  • Billy Crystal (© Reuters)
  • James Franco & Anne Hathaway (© Michael Cauldfield/Wireimage)
  • Chevy Chase (© Chip East/Reuters)
  • Chris Rock (© Gary Hershon/Reuters)
  • David Letterman (© Gary Hershon/Reuters)
  • Ellen DeGeneres (© Gary Hershorn/Reuters)
  • Whoopi Goldberg (© Gary Hershorn/Reuters)
  • Steve Martin (© x)
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Hosted: once (2006)
She brought us the kinder, gentler Oscars. I’ll see your yawn and raise you a snore. DeGeneres admitted right off the bat in her monologue that she had been dreaming of hosting the Oscars since she was a little girl. Her whole approach was, I’m not one of you, but I’d love to be one of you. Who among us does not shudder when remembering that joke about pressing a script on Martin Scorsese?No one wants the host to be an autograph hunter, even if we know it’s just a routine. (We all know you know these people, Ellen. You’ve been in Los Angeles a long time.) For the stars it’s probably embarrassing. For us, the insecure half-smile is a little off-putting in this particular setting. There’s Ellen putting herself in our shoes, but would we be so gushy? No, and especially not on a night that calls for a little sophistication. We’re at home here drinking champagne or, at the very least, wine out of a bottle, not Tab and Coke. Also, the white shoes and red suit -- actually, for that matter, all of DeGeneres’ outfits -- brought Barry Manilow to mind. Troubling.
Overall impression: Too fan-girl to be fun.