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Mon, 14 Jan 2013 06:30:00 GMT | By Emma Jones
The Best and Worst of the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards

Best at being simply the best

Best at being simply the best (© Lucy Nicholson, Reuters)
  • Best weapon against self-doubt (that's what she says) (© Lucy Nicholson, Reuters)
  • Worst insight into an eccentric mind (© Lucy Nicholson, Reuters)
  • Worst moment to make an upskirt joke (© Lucy Nicholson, Reuters)
  • Best example of nepotism rules (© Robyn beck, AFP/Getty Images)
  • Best at being simply the best (© Lucy Nicholson, Reuters)
  • Best disgruntled director to stick it to the Academy (© Kevin Winter, Getty Images)
  • Best dreamed a dream come true for Anne Hathaway (© Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images)
  • Worst metaphor for his craft (© Kevin Winter, Getty Images)
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Robert Downey Jr., a man who has "played Iron Man in all three Iron Man movies," was tasked with awarding Jodie Foster the coveted Cecil B. Demille award. In the run-up to said award he told an inside joke with a punchline leading to Jodie Foster eating a fake hamster presented to her by Mel Gibson. We didn't get it either.

Byringing some sanity back, Foster took the stage with a beautiful, slightly confusing speech (is she retiring from acting?) and all the audience batted their lashes at her adoringly because she's eloquent, charming and simply the best.