Mon, 07 May 2012 10:09:28 GMT

Lohan cleared in hit-and-run case

Actress Lindsay Lohan will not face prosecution due to lack of evidence over a Hookah Lounge manager's claim that she hit him with her car.

Lohan cleared in hit-and-run case

Thaer Kamal, manager of the Hookah Lounge in Hollywood, accused Lohan of hitting him with her car March 14.

Initially, he told the police that he didn't require medical attention, but later checked into a hospital emergency room for treatment and threatened to file an incident report.

Lohan denied the accusation, saying it was a complete lie.

According to TMZ, the authorities passed the files on to the District Attorney's office Friday to decide upon any possible charges, but the case was rejected after officials deemed Kamal a non-credible witness.

Detectives also studied surveillance tapes from the night in question and found there was no collision.

Source: IANS

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