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Rascal claims his work influenced Will.I.Am

Singer Dizzee Rascal claims that singer Will.I.Am's work was influenced by his song ‘Bonkers’.

Rascal claims his work influenced Will.I.Am

In 2009, Will.I.Am had raised the popularity of his band Black Eyed Peas with hits like 'I gotta feeling' and 'Boom boom pow' and in the same year Rascal's track was released, reports Contact Music.

"We took 'Bonkers' around and they weren't ready for it, and now that's what every one's doing, and every big producer I meet, like Will.i.am, talks about how they were influenced by Bonkers and it's like, do you know what I mean," Rascal told the Gaurdian.

"The fact they didn't want the track was just like, 'Oh now I don't understand you.' When people hear this they're going to think you forced me to do this, and I'm giving it to you on a plate because I'm done with all that, I can't be any more experimental and win, so this is the way I am now and I'm enjoying it," the 27-year-old added.

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