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Neil, Sonal shoot with venomous snakes for '3G'

Neil Nitin Mukesh and his co-star Sonal Chauhan, who are shooting in Fiji for their upcoming movie '3G', performed a daring stunt for an underwater sequence, in which they were surrounded by venomous snakes.

Neil, Sonal shoot with venomous snakes for '3G'

'3G' is a psychological thriller being directed by Sheershak Anand and Shantanu Ray Chibber. While shooting at the exotic location of Fiji, Neil and Sonal had a close encounter with snakes.

In this particular underwater scene, Neil and Sonal were surrounded by sea snakes. However, little did they know that the snakes were extremely poisonous, as the crew-members had wrongly informed them that they were harmless.

"We were okay with the scene because we were told that the snakes weren't going to harm us. When we stepped into the ocean and went in slightly deep, there they were and coiled around the legs. We did not want to create a commotion there and stood quietly till they passed by.

"Later, when we got out of the water we were told that they happen to be the most poisonous water snakes," Neil said in a statement.

The film will be shot in an almost two-month long schedule in Fiji and involves a few spine chilling sequences and stunts.

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