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Minissha Lamba's hot new avatar!

Minissha Lamba has shed her girl-next-door image! She’s lost weight and is flaunting her fit, toned body. The result — her hot new look in 'Kidnap' has already got people talking.

Minissha Lamba's hot new avatar!

Upbeat about her new look, the girl who is now being called “sexy” and “sizzling” says, “I was excited right from the beginning, when Sanjay Gadhvi explained the character. My only apprehension was how much time I would have to work out.”

Her new avatar was a result of many a brainstorming sessions between Gadhvi, her stylist Shilpa and herself. Happy with the outcome, Lamba said they wanted “a look that was sexy and bold and also matched my personality.”

Being a foodie, she said it was more difficult emotionally than physically. “If I don’t eat food that I like, I feel low. My workout sessions were upped to the power of 10 and my eating regime toned down — I was reduced to eating bland, low cal food,” says the actress.

Though she lost just four kilos it seems like a lot more. “It’s the toning up,” she says. “Losing weight transforms a person completely. The muscles get toned, facial bones are visible. Moreover, my tanned look in the film gives my character warmth.”

What about her bikini scene in the film? “When he narrated the script, Sanjay said he was putting a bikini scene in the film and asked me whether I was comfortable with it or not. I agreed. So here I am,” says the svelte Lamba.

A new hot bod and a bikini, what’s the reaction been so far? “People have loved it. They are still stunned. Everyone’s like ‘Oh my God, you are looking so hot’.”

The best compliment, however, came from a set of her friends who always maintained that she should stick to cute as she would never look sexy. “But even they said ‘we take our words back. You look super sexy’.”

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