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Great quotes from Bollywood



"No one calls me to extort money. If someone calls me, I'll extort money from them...You cannot con me. You can't take my hard earned money by instilling fear." -- Salman Khan

"I grew balls for Rani Laxmibai and decided to direct the film myself." -- Sushmita Sen

"Nothing to do, no schedules and timings to rush to, no compulsions - just lying back and taking my own time over it. Ah well - can't have everything in life your way." -- A convalescent Amitabh Bachchan

“I truly believe that as an actor-ambassador that most of the brands I'm associated to are middle class oriented, I bring hope to the middle class." -- Shah Rukh Khan

"Rajnikanth must first enter public life socially, before taking the plunge into politics." --Shatrughan Sinha


"Men make passes at me all the time." - John Abraham

“I think like a father, while Salman Khan thinks like a child.“ - Shah Rukh Khan on the tiff with Salman Khan at Katrina's B'day bash.

"I use a voice which can do justice to a song. I give breaks to newcomers but I can’t shoulder the responsibility of taking careers forward. I can give them a few hits but then they have to fend for themselves." - AR Rahman

"'Karzzzz' is as big as a Khan release" - Himesh Reshammiya

"Bipasha is heroic. She's a super woman. Women are far superior in many ways. She is really a strong support system." - John Abraham

"I never felt like being a part of a hardcore Bollywood commercial film because I have no respect for such cinema." - Kangana

"Who says money is everything and that there is no other way of making it? And who says dancing is fun? Shows are even worse. I went on a show once in 1992 and I just didn’t know what was going on." - Ajay Devgan

Minnisha Lamba

“I attended this party where girls kept hurling abuses at me because I got to kiss Ranbir in a movie. I had to leave the place.” - Minissha Lamba

"At this point in my career, I should always talk about how good it is to be an actor so that people get positive impression about the actors and Bollywood in particular. We should stay away from the gossips because it does no good to anybody," - Shah Rukh Khan

"I don't know what the big deal is if Salman Khan is my friend" - Abhishek Bachchan

"I'm not a hero or a superstar. I'm an everyday guy." - Boman Irani

"I'm not a footage fanatic. I'm also in no hurry to sign films." - Kunal Kapoor

"I think that gay marriage should be between a man and a woman." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"It's a pleasure to be overshadowed by the most beautiful woman in the world." - Abhishek Bachchan on Aishwarya Rai

"I think if any actor thinks of creating an image and sticking to it, then he is not an actor." - Kay Menon


"I am not a ramp-friendly person, as professionally I have walked the runway just for a couple of months. You can say I am out of practice." -- Priyanka Chopra after she walked the ramp for designer Ritu Kumar.

"The rivalry between Karishma and me was really played up by the media. We were both so young. We were emotionally driven. But, today we are good friends. We meet up often. And we laugh over the past." - Raveena Tandon on Karishma Kapoor.

"I really want to start life afresh. I am just another girl who has made many mistakes in my life. I just hope people understand this and treat me like one." - Actress Monica on her second stint in Bollywood.

"Salman Khan is a senior and has been very supportive and very sweet to me and he continues to be." - Abhishek on his wife's ex-boyfriend.

"If I don't get respect from my co-stars that means something is wrong with me, not them" - Nana Patekar on his tiff with Tanushree Dutta on the sets of 'Horn Ok Pleasssss'.

"I am friendly with a lot of my ex-boyfriends. I haven't got to that stage with Yuvraj Singh. I don’t know if I will. But I hope I do." -- Kim Sharma on Yuvraj Singh.

"I am very nervous. My role in 'Kidnap' is in sharp contrast to what I've portrayed in 'Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na'. How would the audience react this time? Will they accept me in an aggressive role? That gives me goosebumps."-- Imran Khan on his second movie 'Kidnap'.

Imran Khan

Girls find me extremely geeky and boring. No one's thrown herself at me yet... It's great that people like and appreciate me but I know it will not last forever.
- Imran Khan

Without taking away from Imran's natural performance. I feel it was Aamir's presence that made 'Jaane Tu..' what it is. Imran is fortunate to have an uncle who can convince viewers to come to the theatres to see his film.
- Sikander Kher

“Anything for Salman - I’ll even do a mujra right now if you ask me!”
- Rani Mukherji on 'Dus Ka Dum'

Rare Footage - Movie Fact file


"Unless I work with Shah Rukh my career cannot be complete. I can't hang my boots till that happens." - Bipasha Basu

"Let's admit it, the crowds came in such huge numbers mainly to see the Big B. We were the side attractions. The way the audiences everywhere reacted to him had to be seen to be believed." - Preity Zinta

"Does Sherawat think that she’s such a diva? In the eye of God all are equal and same. She shouldn’t have so much of ghamand (pride). If I do, I will go in the gutter.” - Rakhi Sawant attacks Mallika Sherawat for declining her request to be on 'The Rakhi Saswant Show'.

I'm not racist. People of India have seen a small amount of me. i want them to see more of me." - Jade Goody.

I'm friendly with a lot of my ex-boyfriends. I haven't got to that stage yet with Yuvraj (Singh). I don't know of I will. But I hope I do" - Kim Sharma

"Imran (Khan) fooled me by saying he was completely bald and that he had to go in for a hair transplant. And I totally believed him" - Genelia D' Souza

Akshay Kumar

"Bachchan has been in the film industry over 35 years and he is the real king. There are many who are around for 15-20 years and like to call themselves king. There is only one king and he is Amitabh Bachchan" - Akshay Kumar.

"Me and Akshay have fun matching each other's energy in dancing" - Katrina Kaif

"I've no idea about this. And if sections of the media in Mumbai are talking about such collaboration then they know something that I don't" - Amitabh Bachchan on reports of a project with Aamir Khan

" I don't want to fuel speculation. In that day's speech I had said "we should kick them." I should have been more clear. Had I said whoever indulges in violence should be kicked, this problem would not have occurred. This is an experience for me, and it is never too late to learn" - Rajnikanth, on his Hognekkal speech.

Akshay Kumar

"Business of Indian cinema is growing higher and higher and I feel proud that I am one of the responsible person for it" -- Akshay Kumar on reports that his films garnered Rs. 500 crore for Bollywood in 2007.

"My baby crib was the same one that Abhishek and his sister Shweta and then two children of Bunty uncle had used. After them, it was handed over to me. That's how close we've been. So I've even 'cribbed' with the Bachchan kids." - Sikander Kher on his relationship with the Bachchans.

"I must be the least educated doctor" - Akshay Kumar on the doctorate from the University of Windsor, Canada.

"I would like to say that I do think I have evolved as an actor. I am still learning and I will be learning till the day I'm an actor." - Abhishek Bachchan on his journey in Bollywood.

"Khamosh! The whole world knows the answer. Just buy yourself a DVD of 'Kaala Patthar" -- Shatrughan Sinha on being asked whether he rates himself a better actor than Big B.

"It is not true that we have got a bungalow in Dubai to hide my pregnancy from the media" – Aishwarya Rai on the pregnancy rumour.

"I think every artist would want to connect with the people. We survive because of them and we are here because of their patronage. It is important for us to know what they think about us. The only interaction we had in the past was when we went to public forums" – Amitabh Bachchan on the intentions of his blog.

"I'm so happy for them. I hope they'll be together forever" – Kareena Kapoor on Ranbir and Deepika Padukone.

Emraan Hashmi in 'Jannat'

"My eyes say 'Here is a man who shouldn't be trusted. Here is a man who is unpredictable"- Emraan Hashmi

"He’s a chocolate boy. He might be a Greek god, but not my boyfriend" - Bruna Abdullah about the rumour that she is the new woman in Salman Khan’s life.

"Both of us had cameos in Mani Ratnam's 'Guru'. People still talk about our romantic scene in the rain (including a kiss). And now the Airtel ads. It's unbelievable how much chemistry people have seen between us in those few seconds. I always say it's the moments that make a romance"– Vidya Balan on Madhavan.

"I like Shah Rukh everywhere! He is a sharp person and great fun to be with. He is great in whatever he does and, yes, he is truly a joy" – Juhi Chawla on King Khan.

"The greatness about words and writers is that much after they are gone their thoughts remain with us. In fact the sad irony of life is that in most cases, it is only when they are gone do we realise their potential and their great contribution" – Amitabh Bachchan on blogging.

"I know there is deepening concern in India that no film from that country has been making it to Cannes in recent years" – Dev Anand on India @ Cannes.

"All my decisions are based on my instincts and some people think that I am too moody and cynical. Believe me; I have been guided by my instincts and my heart all my life! I do not depend too much on intelligence, analysis and calculations" – Salman Khan

"Grown-ups forget that it is okay not to know everything. They don't realise the beauty of saying I don't know something" – Shah Rukh Khan on 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass'

"Our young generation is health conscious and I don't agree with this statement. You have to be practical and realistic. You don't have to be addicted to anything. Any addiction is bad for health" – Hrithik Roshan on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

"I am fed up of playing goody-goody girl-next-door-type roles in all my starrers" – Dia Mirza on her image makeover.

"I'm sure there's jealousy and negativity in every profession. In the film industry, you see people manipulating and backstabbing. It used to disturb me earlier. But now I'm conditioned to the people and circumstances around me. I try to stay away from such people" – Bobby Deol

Aishwarya Rai

"I think what's fantastic is when you have this incredible friendship with your man. I think that's what really holds real, and that's the best part of us together. I mean of course there's the love and all of that, but I won't get into those clichés with all of you" -- Aishwarya Rai, on her life after marriage.


"I don't think of films and performances as a marathon race. I truly enjoy my work. And I'm too selfish as an actor to care what other actors are doing. But I do need competent co-stars to give back to me what I give them in a shot " -- Kajol on her competition in Bollywood.


"I am enjoying serious roles, but at the same time I would also like to carry my glamorous image" -- Sameera Reddy, on being asked if she is considering a change from glamorous roles to serious ones.


"The media has always followed me wherever I go and has constantly monitored my actions. All they want is some controversial scoop to create hype. These days, they are after me, shooting questions one after the other on whether I’m still at war with Shah Rukh Khan. I have absolutely no problem with him and we still remain the best of friends –- Amitabh Bachchan on his reported rivalry with Shah Rukh Khan


"There are so many things that could have been done. If I could live for 300 years, I could have rectified all my mistakes" -- Mrinal Sen


"I always feel there is room to improve in my cinema. I'm told my films are operatic in mood. I do what comes spontaneously to my heart. My cinema is also a little theatrical" -- Sanjay Leela Bhansali on his style of filmmaking.


"It is really a disappointing thing that the people of Kerala don’t accept me as a genuine film maker. On most occasions, I’ve seen people questioning the originality of my works and have felt that their criticism has been harsh at times. My achievements in Bollywood, are the result of constant hard work, sincere effort and above all, the commitment I’ve shown to my work. Success doesn’t come in a day" -- Priyadarshan


"It is wonderful to know that people still think about me in my home country, although I don't live here any more. That they still want me back, it makes me feel very wanted "-- Madhuri Dixit


"All I'll say is I'd never do anything to compromise myself or my family, or any film where I've to cringe at the premiere" -- Sonam Kapoor, on why she rejected Anurag Basu’s ‘Kites’, opposite Hrithik Roshan.


"Some people have all the time in the world to measure dress lengths. Good for them. At least moral policing keeps some people busy. At the same time, I feel some celebrities dress a certain way to attract attention and create controversies. Ignore them. It will avoid unnecessary publicity" -- Sonu Sood, on celebrity dress codes.

Madhuri Dixit quotable quotes

“My family gives me enough security and warmth. I don’t have to look for it outside! After achieving so much success and fame I’m apprehensive about people’s motives. I want to be sure that people want to be friends with me and not my fame!”


“I have never bothered to find out who the other heroine is in my film at any stage of my career. Competition doesn’t matter because I give my best to all my shots anyway.“


”I don’t want to sound presumptuous or vain, but I think I like Sridevi. I was the only other heroine who could break the barriers between the classes and the masses”


“When Hussainji narrated the script to me, I couldn’t understand it. And I told him so. So, he worked out a storyboard and then I could visualise the whole film. You know the film is like a painting on celluloid.” -- Madhuri Dixit on 'Gajgamini'


”I feel I am capable of much more. I guess every artiste feels that way. If you are satisfied, you begin to stagnate."


"It's so ironic. When you finally achieve recognition, you hide behind dark glasses."

Shah Rukh Khan in 'Bhoothnath'

"I am a blind fan of Tagore! Though I don't know Bengali, I have read almost all of his translated poems. He is the epitome of world literature. Whenever I feel stressed out, his songs and poems inspire me." -- The first thing Shah Rukh said after reaching Kolkata for an IPL match at the Eden Gardens in the evening.


"Honestly, at first I did not know what it was. When my office got a letter informing us about the award, my assistant told me it was an award from some organisation in India. But soon after the news about the Padma Shri, when my relatives started calling and congratulating me and my parents got all excited, did I realise that this was a big deal." -- Manoj Night Shyamalan on receiving the Padma Shri Award.


"A lot of time people refer to me as another Smita Patil, which of course is a complement. But it's not right to compare me with 'one of the best actresses of all times'. I have done just two movies, so it would be unfair to put me in the same league. I believe this tag comes with a lot of responsibility and I am still nowhere near her. Still it is a great compliment." -- Chitrangada on the comparisons made between her and Smita Patil.


"I can beat my father in dancing. Whereas acting is concerned, I have a long way to go. I am aware that comparisons will be inevitable," -- Mimoh Chakraborty, son of veteran actor Mithun Chakraborty, who made his debut on silver screen with 'Jimmy'.


"Rakhi is having a good time that she is getting all good songs to perform on, but that doesn't mean that she is a good dancer." -- Item gal Sambhavna on Rakhi Sawant.


"Give me roles that aren't fake" -- Irrfan Khan on a sweet, simple and straight farmer role offered to him by Mira Nair. 


“I shield myself behind the pages of our revered constitution and law and the censor board. Bring in a law to ban such participation and we shall follow it diligently Mr. Minister. We fake it on screen. Diluted tea, honeyed water, an aerated drink, soda watered to match the colour of champagne. That's what we are actually drinking on set to simulate the whisky. Our intoxication, Minister, is in the credibility we bring to a drunken scene without being literally drunk, not to propagate alcoholism." -- Amitabh Bachchan takes on Ramadoss who wants actor to stop drinking on screen.


"Aamir Khan makes me look different in Ghajini." -- Spunky Jiah Khan on how Aamir Khan presents her in a different avatar in 'Ghajini'.


"Sometimes the make belief of mainstream seems a little plastic to me.’Tashan' is not for the lily-livered." -- Vijay Krishna Acharya reacts to critics' reaction to his directorial debut 'Tashan'


"This is a democratic country and everyone has the right to express themselves." -- Amitabh Bachchan reacting to noted script writer Salim Khan's comment on his television ads for Uttar Pradesh government saying "UP mein hai dum, kyunki jurm hai yahaan kum.


"I died when I realised I had to dance with Govinda for this song. On top of it, the film's director Ganesh Acharya was the choreographer. Both have done a million films together." -- Upen Patel and Govinda were shooting for the promotional music video of 'Money Hai Toh Honey Hai'.


"I always wanted to be a teacher. In fact, I did become one in 'Mohabbatein', but today, my wish has actually come true." -- Shah Rukh Khan on the first episode of 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain


"Television doesn't become exciting because I'm in it. TV is exciting and that's why I'm in it." - Shah Rukh Khan on being asked whether superstars like him are changing the TV scenario.


"I have no misconceived notions that I can be smarter than a kid. I don't compete with kids. If in the movies, you have to accept defeat from children. So, no I'm not 'paanchvi pass se tez' at all." -- Shah Rukh Khan on being asked whether he was smarter than a fifth grader.


"I really want to encourage films whose subject is viable to the needs of society and those which have a meaning. I will try my best to help those people who have meaningful scripts but cannot stand on their own financially." -- Chairman of the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) Om Puri on the importance and need for meaningful cinema.


"Working with children is an education. I have worked with them in several films and they never cease to amaze me. The sharpness with which they understand the medium, the natural ease with which they perform and their utter disregard for formatted performance is an absolute delight. There’s so much to learn from them." -- Amitabh Bachchan on his experience of working with child artist Aman Siddiqui in 'Bhoothnath'.


"Salman doesn't care what is written about him. I'm not that kind of guy. I'm very particular about the way I conduct myself, especially about my marriage. Suddenly, I find myself fighting a lonely battle to redeem my wife and my image." Arbaaz Khan 


"People are saying I want to be like Victoria Beckham. I think the talk started when Saif (Ali Khan) got himself tattooed with my name. David (Beckham) had done the same for Victoria. But honestly, I'm proud of my sculpted body. It is a look that I needed for my new film 'Tashan'." -- The new ultra-svelte Kareena Kapoor on hogging the limelight for her toned physique in 'Tashan'.


"I love winning - whether it's IPL matches or films or a game of carom with my kids or the entire world. I believe my victory is God's assurance that I really worked hard." -- Shah Rukh Khan on his Kolkata Knight Riders' win against Hyderabad's Deccan Chargers.


"Normally a sequel begins where the first part had ended. But, 'Sarkar Raj' has no connection to 'Sarkar'. The scale is much bigger. If the first film was inspired by 'The Godfather', the second has no reference point and was a completely original script." -- Bollywood filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma on his upcoming film 'Sarkar Raj'.

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