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Shobha De is a 'porn writer': Sonam Kapoor


Shobha De is a 'porn writer': Sonam Kapoor

'Saawariya' girl Sonam Kapoor has lashed out at writer Shobha De by calling her a 'porn writer'. In an interview with a newspaper, Sonam said, "for a 60-something porn writer, I am sure she (Shobha) knows what she's talking about."

Shobha had earlier commented on Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone in her blog and referring to Sonam's airbrushed photo-op in which she is posed in lingerie. Shobha wrote, "Sonam just doesn't cut it in the sex appeal stakes."

Shobha had also commented about Deepika after she won Maxim's Sexiest Woman title. She had written, "Deepika P is the 'sexiest woman on earth? Are they kidding me? She would not win a Miss Dombivali contest. I mean, look at her closely. Go on: jawline? Too wide. Eyes? Bulging. Hair line? Untidey. Speech? Verni."

The only silver lining in the otherwise controversy is that Sonam Kapoor defended not only herself but her foe-turned friend Deepika Padukone saying, "if she (Shobha) thinks Deepika is ordinary then she sure needs to wear glasses. Her eyesight is failing her."

Who said two women who love the same man can't be friends?!

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