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Shah Rukh Khan accepts Aamir as 'Bollywood Badshah'

Shah Rukh Khan is happy to follow numero uno Aamir Khan… 

Shah Rukh Khan accepts Aamir Khan as 'Bollywood Badshah'

After his "rivalry" with Amitabh Bachchan hogged headlines, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan is now involved in a repartee with screen idol Aamir Khan.

Reacting to a recent swipe at him by Aamir Khan, he said on Thursday he was happy to be called "No. 2" of Indian cinema.

Aamir had recently, reportedly, said he himself was the numero uno of Bollywood and Shah Rukh came second to him.

To this, King Khan's reply was: "Aamir is a dear friend and if he has said that I am the No. 2 actor, it is a great compliment to me".

"We have great regard for each other. He is 100 per cent number one," he said addressing a press conference for Indian Premier League.

Shah Rukh Khan, whose recent flick 'Om Shanti Om' was pitted against Aamir's critically acclaimed 'Tare Zameen Par,' described the latter as "an intellectual and intelligent person".

"We are completely opposite. The only similarity is that we are both Khans," Shah Rukh said, terming him as "a more instinctive and physical actor".

Aamir, while talking to reporters yesterday said, "Well what can I say. Shah Rukh always likes to be in the second position".

When asked that if he had a chance to interview Shah Rukh, what would be his first question, the actor said, "That's a tricky question. I would ask Shah Rukh how does it feel to be second after Aamir?"

This comment by Aamir, who is best known as Bollywood's 'Mr Perfectionist', was widely interpreted as the beginning of a war between the two mighty Khans of tinsel town.

However, Shah Rukh added, "Aamir said that in sweetness and fun. There is nothing to read more into it".

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