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Vidya Balan is raw in 'Ishqiya': Arshad Warsi

Arshad Warsi talks to us about raw cinema to raw sex, condoms to censor board and the wild Vidya Balan to the sexy Naseeruddin Shah.

Vidya Balan is raw in 'Ishqiya': Arshad Warsi

Q. Everything is falling in place for you in 'Ishqiya.' Is this the re-invention of the lost Circuit?

A. I don't know about that. I hope so. You know what? I like to work hard on characters. So far, touchwood, it did happen like that. People have appreciated me more in Circuit's role than in any of my other roles. Audiences have always liked whatever I've done, but somehow they got stuck on that one role. I hope that people like me in 'Ishqiya,' because I play quite a character in it.

Q. Is "Raw film" a new word to describe "Polished cinema"?

A. You don't get to see this genre pretty often. You only get to see the regular fluffy stuff, and then suddenly an Indian-western flick like this happens, which people stand up and take notice of. I'd call 'Ishqiya' a "western".

Q. Vidya's beauty is too tempting, isn't it?

A. Vidya is raw in 'Ishqiya'. She is the wild kind of a woman one dreams of. Vidya is a Lara Croft, she is a rockstar and that's her sexuality. In the film, she looks very desirable and stunning. As an actor, she has done phenomenal work in 'Ishqiya.' She is subtle, to the point and sticks to the character. As a person, she is the most beautiful human being I've come across - warm, friendly, caring and a doll. It's very rare that you come across a girl like Vidya in today's time.

Q. And it's very rare to come across an actor like Naseeruddin Shah too?

A. Absolutely right. He is a tycoon. I love working with great actors, because it makes you work harder and better. Naseer saab does that. He comes in the frame and everybody is on their toes. You tend to succumb to his talent and energy. He has a great temperament, and barely has to give a re-take. That's good because we finish quite a lot of work in less time, and are not tired. He is an emperor.

Q. Did you see a shadow of Vishal Bhardwaj in Abhishek Chaubey's direction?

A. From the first day of shooting, I found Abhishek to be a very confident director. Abhishek just took over the proceedings from day one. He knows what he's doing.

Q. Don't you feel that a lot of "beeps" in the dialogues actually ruins a good scene?

A. I can't blame the censor board for what they chop. They are only doing what our society and our politicians are forcing them to do. I think the censor board is far too intelligent. They just have to follow certain norms and code of conduct. We are the ones who are the hypocrites. We latch on to the culture very rigidly and fail to get our point across. It's very naïve, silly and regressive to be offended by the word 'sex'. They should sell condoms openly, and be open about the issue. The more you stop something, the more people do it. There was a time when gold was smuggled left, right and centre. But after they've cut the duties and frills, nobody smuggles gold any more.

Q. How much did you and Naseer saab swear on and off the sets?

A. (Laughs) Honestly, not even once. We never used swear words. Though, Vidya was abused a little bit (laughs). There are some words that are used so often in our daily lives that if we use them in our films, I feel, it's absolutely fine. So some swear words here and there should be fine.

Q. Do you find Naseeruddin Shah sexy?

A. I think he is a hot man. He is the kind of person who is intelligent and expresses his sexuality....and women find that really endearing.

Q. 'Ishqiya' is?

A. Outstanding!

Source: Bollywood Hungama

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