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'The Last Songs' of Mohammed Rafi

Mohammed Rafi's last recorded songs have been recovered, restored and released after 30 years.

Mohammed Rafi

In December 1979, Mohammed Rafi recorded six songs - four in Film Center studio and two in Mehboob Studio with Robin Chatterjee as sound engineer. The songs were youthful and covered various shades of romance. 30 years later, the songs after being recovered, restored and digitized, is out for release on Universal Music as 'The Last Songs'.

The album honours the memory of the legendary Rafi Saab, music director Chitragupta ('Bada Aadm'i, 'Aplam Chaplam', 'Opera House', 'Main Chup Rahoongi'), lyricist Kafeel Aazar and film director Dilip Bose ('Chandi Ki Diwar' (1964), 'Sansar' (1971), 'Thokar' (1974),'Sikka' (1976), 'Badnaam' (1976).

Anand, son of Chitragupta assisted his father on the project. Years later, he and his brother Milind went on to form one of the most successful music composer duo of India, Anand-Milind. This album is dedicated to all the Rafi fans, wherever they live - to enjoy and hear something that has been never heard from Rafi before. The album also contains an audio documentary that has interviews with Anand-Milind and Bobby & Rajesh Bose - sons of Chitragupta and Dilip Bose respectively reminiscing on the Golden Era of music & film making.

His voice still remains fresh and continues to fill the void that his death has left behind. Rafi Ji's voice, ranging from the melancholic to the boisterous, was such that it suited every mood and every occasion in films. And 'The Last Songs' tries to stir and enliven the same magic that he has left back years back.

Source: India Syndicate

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