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Kareena a hassle free co-star: Imran

Kareena Kapoor is Imran Khan's senior in the film industry, but he says this never came in the way while they were shooting for ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’.

Kareena a hassle free co-star: Imran

He feels that she made him feel like an equal.

Kareena made her debut in 2000 with 'Refugee', while Imran stepped under the arclights in 2008 with 'Janne Tu...Ya Jaane Na'.

"You are not kind of tip-toeing around and worrying that she has this ego, you can work with her like an equal and that is the best thing about her. I have always believed when you are comfortable and happy working with your co-actor, your performances improve," said Imran.

'Ek Main aur Ekk Tu' is set for a Feb 10 release.
Imran, 29, says Kareena, 31, is aware that she is a good actress and her confidence kept the atmosphere light on the sets.

"Kareena comes on the sets with this thing of 'lets do work'. She doesn't have time to waste on things like, which angle you are shooting me from, my costume, hair, make-up is like this and all. She is utterly unconcerned about this stuff. She is a good actress, she knows it and she has that security and confidence to just do her work," said the 29-year-old.

Meanwhile, Imran also brushes aside issues of any major age difference between him and Kareena.

Source: IANS

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