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Lesle Lewis: Item number with classy words

That's what singer and composer, Lesle Lewis promises to come up with as he talks about the return of Colonial Cousins

Lesle Lewis: Item number with classy words

From changing the spelling of his name, to the return of the Colonial Cousins, singer-composer Lesle Lewis has a lot on his plate. And while he reveals that he is currently composing music for a Bollywood flick, he insists the need for good songs.

From Leslie to Lesle -- a numerology influence? "Not really. From school days, I had this complex when it came to writing my name. I didn't like the negative connotation of 'lie' at the end of my name. I have been trying to change it for quite a while now, but finally I got to change it and I settled with Lesle," he explains.

Explaining the return of Colonial Cousins he says, "This is a new album, it was a long time coming. Colonial Cousins 3 happened partly because the music scenario in India is dead. You know we need simply good music. I got back live music and music on TV. Colonial Cousins started the whole fusion thing here."

Excited about collaborating with Hariharan again, he says, "Hari and I are very much in tune. We have mutual respect for each other and we are honest. This time we go back to simplicity -- yet with a lot of masti. It's simple but serious, and Hari makes it look more graceful. Good songs and melodies have been lacking in the industry. It's all about good writing and good songs. People still croon to 'Pari Hoon Main', because of its good music," he adds.

Lastly, when asked about composing for a Bollywood film he says, "I can't give you any details yet, but I can tell you it's a big film and I am looking forward to it."

So will we see Lesle composing an item number? "Yes, why not? Usually crude words make an item number, but I'll show you that you can make an item number with classy words", he quips.

Source: Sayantan Dalal, DNA-Daily News & Analysis

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