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I finally feel like a heroine: Chitrangda

Actor Chitrangda Singh talks about her switch from parallel to mainstream cinema; shares the excitement of doing ‘latka jhatka’ item numbers.

I finally feel like a heroine: Chitrangda Singh

Actor Chitrangda Singh's initial choice of offbeat roles saw her being tagged as the thinking man's actor. But now that the actor's been changing gears to mainstream commercial entertainers, like her last release 'Desi Boyz' was, isn't she worried about losing that image.

"Not at all," says the actor. "I think my audience connects to me beyond what I do on screen. And no matter what films I do, I am still me. So, I don't think that my 'intelligent actor image' is going to take a beating at all," adds Chitrangda, who's been signed on as the face of two more international brands raising the total number of endorsements in her kitty. "Bagging brands is a perk, not the goal," she is quick to explain.

The actor also feels that much has to do with the fact that the lines between parallel cinema and mainstream films are blurring.

"The offbeat films are just as mainstream and commercial today and I think that's what makes it interesting for actors who don't have to make that choice in the two kinds of cinema," explains Chitrangda, adding that it's a great phase in the industry to be an actor. "There are roles that one would associate only with art cinema, but today are being done commercially and being accepted too. The only thing that matters today is that the film be good and audience entertained."

But while personally the actor reveals that she doesn't take any of these tags seriously, she is taking her foray into the mainstream quite seriously and that includes doing a full on item number like she's done in 'Joker'.

The actor's been getting a rather positive feedback from those who've seen it and encouraged her, Chitrangda reveals that she's even looking forward to enrolling herself in taking formal dance lessons to better her dancing skills.

"I'm hoping to start with the dance classes sometime soon, but it's as much to do with my passion for dancing as it has to do with working on my dance for films," reveals the actor. "I enjoy dancing, the 'latkas and jhatkas' and would love to do more full-on item songs too. That should be fun," she says excitedly.

But is she comfortable with tags like sexy and raunchy that her item outing is being associated with. "What's bad in being sexy?" she quips. "I've always wanted to do these full on dance numbers and I'm glad I'm finally doing them. More than an actor, I finally feel like a heroine and I'm loving every bit of it," she smiles.

Source: Aakanksha Naval-Shetye, DNA-Daily News & Analysis

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