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Will Saif's item number overshadow Kareena's mujra?

They may be a couple in real life, but on screen Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are about to clash over item numbers in the film 'Agent Vinod'.

Will Saif's item number overshadow Kareena's mujra?

Many are asking if Kareena's mujra song, 'Dil mera muft ka', will be overshadowed by Saif's 'Pyaar ki pungi'. The latter is described as a number that catches your attention in the first 20 seconds because of its comic, cheeky notes and free footsteps.

When asked about the song, Saif said, "There is a sequence in the film where Agent Vinod is being watched by CCTV cameras...and he is behaving in a certain way, so we thought we should do an extension to that and we did the song."

Composed by Pritam Chakraborty, 'Pyaar ki pungi' has been written by lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya and choreographed by Jasmin Oza who worked with Saif in an ad for Amul innerwear. Mika has sung it.

Since 'Agent Vinod', a sleek spy thriller with plenty of action and thrill, director Sriram Raghavan didn't give much attention to the songs as it can shift people's interest and the essence of the movie.

So 'Pyaar ki pungi' has been especially created and used as a promotional number. The song plays in the background during one of the scenes in 'Agent Vinod' with a punchline saying, 'Catch the other side of (Majnu) Vinod'.

"My job was to make him comfortable and to get him into that different kind of funny dancing style. When any actor does such steps, people start thinking about stars like Govinda. To make it exclusive and Saif's own style, we put his steps while making the song," Oza told IANS.

'Pungi' is a word derived from the snakecharmer's instrument - known as 'been' in Hindi and 'pungi' in Marathi.

Usually item numbers are associated with actresses and their 'jhatkas' and 'matkas'. In fact there is a mujra number picturised on Kareena Kapoor and it was the first one to hit the screens. But 'Pungi' is increasing becoming more popular.

Lyricist Bhattacharya says the definition of item numbers is changing and added, "It's difficult to explain the phrase. Usually any song that stands out in a movie or a song where a female protagonist performs in a different manner is called an item number. I feel a song that attracts viewers' attention towards a movie and rises on the popularity chart is called an item number."

Bhattacharya is the man behind the unconventional lyrics of 'Emotional atyachar' in 'Dev D'.

"'Emotional atyachar' was a big hit and was an item number for the movie. It had such power that they ran a campaign over this song which really helped in the opening of the film.

"So, the song that catches the whole focus of the movie is an item number. There is not any compulsory rule that an item number should be performed only by a female protagonist."

The 'pungi' word has caught on with the youth.

The song's popularity has been bogged down by rumours of plagiarism, but Pritam said, "Melodically and lyrically it's no way similar to the song ('Soosan Khanoom' by Iranian pop band Barobax) in question, and I'm not even bringing up the element of creative coincidence which is largely prevalent in the day and age we exist in."

Source: IANS

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