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Big B to take a break?

Big B to take a break?

The superstar, on Wednesday, posted that 'fresh medical issues' were keeping him from writing his blog, sparking further concerns for his health.

Amitabh Bachchan who has been tweeting and blogging post his surgery from the hospital itself, has apologized to his fans for not being able to do that anymore. The ailing superstar says he will not be communicating with his fans for some time, as he needs to concentrate on treatment.

On Wednesday night, he wrote on his blog, "I seek forgiveness ... I will not be detailing any more ...some fresh medical issues have come up, and I need to concentrate on the treatment now".

The actor who usually writes detailed blog posts, kept this one unusually short and to the point, raising speculations that his condition could be grave. He further added, "Once you open Twitter, you just remain obsession to read and know what others feel and say...Attention to laptop and mobile has increasingly become the ultimate yardstick for communication...To all those that communicate with me here, and wanting personal is inconsiderate to ask me in this condition," the 69 year old posted.

While there has been no news or development from the hospital authorities (up until the time of going to press), the actor apparently wants to take it slow and easy for a couple of more days. While he was operated on Saturday, he was going to be discharged on Monday but Amitabh apparently complained of acute pain, following which the doctors decided to keep him under supervision.

A source close to the family said, "He has been tweeting and is in touch with his fans because he has been getting a lot of messages from them. But his family has made sure that he rests adequately and does not strain himself. Abhishek is making sure he is around to ensure that his father gets enough rest by sleeping adequately. They are all concerned about his health and are hoping for a speedy recovery. "

Source: Sneha Mahadevan, DNA-Daily News & Analysis

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