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'Dhoom 3' teaser hints at box office 'dhoom'

Yash Raj film releases teaser trailer of much-awaited actioner 'Dhoom 3', starring Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif

Dhoom 3

New Delhi: One hot villain, and uber stylish bikes have been synonymous with Bollywood's popular 'Dhoom' franchise -- and if the teaser of 'Dhoom 3' is anything to go by, Aamir Khan, who plays the baddie, will take the series forward with full speed.

Aamir showcases his chiselled body in full glory, and he vrooms away on the bike, performing daredevil stunts with what seems like the ease of a professional biker.

Unlike the previous two movies, which starred John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan as the bad guys, 'Dhoom 3' has gone international with a larger plot.

If the buzz for the third instalment of the Yash Raj Films' project was not enough already, the teaser, which was released online Wednesday, managed to build up more anticipation in the audiences' mind.

The teaser got uploaded on a video-sharing website September 4 and has since then got over 150,000 views.

In response to the teaser, messages like "Aamir is back" and "Aamir power rules" poured in.

One viewer posted, "Awesome movie! I will be watching this movie on first show", while a certain Rahul Bhardwaj posted: "This biker will beat the 'Express'."

Dhoom 3: Teaser Trailer

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