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Famous Quotes: Kishore Kumar

On his 85th birth anniversary, we bring you some of Kishore Kumar's most memorable quotes

Famous Quotes: Kishore Kumar (© Movietalkies)

There are only two types of music lovers in India. Those who adore Kishore Kumar and a few who erroneously believe that the man's songs were more cacophony than music. Going by the opening sentence, readers can easily judge which side of the fence this writer is stationed!

It is more than two decades since this maverick musician was silenced by death, but every year his fan club continues to swell as newer generations get mesmerized by the man who made music memorable without even knowing its rudiments. If Sachin Tendulkar is the 'God of Cricket', Kishore was undoubtedly the 'God of Bollywood Music'.

In a musical pantheon that boasted such greats like Mohd. Rafi, Mukesh, Manna Dey, Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhonsle, Kishore was the archetypal non-conformist who often shocked his critics into liking him. Of course, his ardent devotees were ever ready to pay up their last dollar to listen to his rambunctious music.

On his 85th birth anniversary, we bring you some of his most memorable quotes:

"Who can live in this stupid, friendless city where everyone seeks to exploit you every moment of the day? Can you trust anyone out here? Is anyone trustworthy? Is anyone a friend you can count on? I am determined to get out of this futile rat race and live as I've always wanted to. In my native Khandwa, the land of my forefathers. Who wants to die in this ugly city?" - Kishore's interview with Pritish Nandy in the 1985 edition of The Illustrated Weekly.

"I have three best friends in this world. What's surprising is that they also happen to be your (audience) three best friends. They are Bachpan (childhood), Jawani (Youth) and Budhapa (old age)." - Interview with Ameen Sayani on All India Radio.

"I was persuaded to act in the movies. I hated every moment of it and tried virtually every trick to get out of it. I muffed my lines, pretended to be crazy, shaved my head off, played difficult, began yodelling in the midst of tragic scenes, told Meena Kumari what I was supposed to tell Bina Rai in some other film - but they still wouldn't let me go." - Interview with Pritish Nandy

"People bore me. Film people particularly bore me. I prefer talking to my trees. I like nature... that's why I want to get away to Khandwa. I have lost all touch with nature out here. I tried to dig a canal all around my bungalow out here, so that we could sail gondolas there."

"I remember this film of mine - 'Door Gagan ki Chhaon mein' - which started to an audience of 10 people in Alankar. I know because I was in the hall myself. There were only ten people who had come to watch the first show!"

"Directors know nothing. I never had the privilege of working with any good director. Except Satyen Bose and Bimal Roy, no one even knew the ABC of film making. How can you expect me to give good performances under such directors?"

"Satyajit Ray came to me and wanted me to act in 'Parash Pathar' - his famous comedy - and I was so scared that I ran away. Later, Tulsi Chakravarti did the role. It was a great role and I ran away from it, so scared I was of these great directors."

"I play different roles at different times. For different people. In this crazy world, only the truly sane man appears to be mad. Look at me. Do you think I'm mad? Do you think I can be manipulative?"

"For me singing is the first priority after which comes music and thereafter maybe acting. I believe acting is all make believe while music touches the heart of the listeners." - Kishore's interview with Lata Mangeshkar

"Duniya kehti mujhko pagal, main kehta duniya ko pagal. I am not as crazy as everyone thinks. When someone calls me crazy I have some fun at their expense by acting out that role." - Kishore's interview with Lata Mangeshkar

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