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He is what he is!

Not one to mince words, Sujoy Ghosh, director of the immensely successful 'Kahaani', shoots from the hip on his films, working with Vidya Balan and India's moviegoers.

He is what he is!

On Saturday, ahead of his visit to Jaipur, film-maker Sujoy Ghosh tweeted, 'I have to go to Jaipur for a 'Kahaani' seminar. These things make me very nervous.. all this talking and dressing properly.' And as After Hrs caught up with him on Sunday, before the event, we got a glimpse of what he meant.

While most directors would choose to dress up at least a little formally for the shutterbugs, Sujoy Ghosh would much rather wear a pair of well-loved kurta pyjamas and slippers! Absolutely at ease with who he is, Sujoy Ghosh, director of the critically-acclaimed hit, 'Kahaani', couldn't be more comfortable. In Jaipur to talk about all that went into the making of one of India's best thrillers, Ghosh speaks candidly on films, Vidya Balan, and his craft.

Q. After comedies like 'Jhankar Beats', 'Home Delivery' and 'Aladin', how did 'Kahaani' happen?

Well, 'Home Delivery' was actually not a comedy; I don't know what it was! Ok maybe, it was a 'black' comedy. 'Aladin' was an out-and-out fantasy film with special effects. And 'Kahaani' was just a way to work with Vidya. The idea was to make Vidya do something she has never done before; a story in which she is both part of system and out of it too!

Q. So, only Vidya Balan could have done the role?

There are many great actors and I am sure they could have done the role too. But I believe I couldn't have made 'Kahaani' without Vidya. For me, 'Kahaani' is equal to Vidya.

Q. Did her success in 'The Dirty Picture' have something to with the response to 'Kahaani'?

Yes and no. Initially, the audience might have come just to see her, but the film spoke for itself. But I would still like to believe that people walked out of the theatres with 'Kahaani' on their minds.

Q. How did the character of Bob Biswas happen?

I think he worked mostly because I make him look normal. Anybody could be Bob Biswas. He (gesturing to our photographer) could be a Bob Biswas!

Q. A lot people have appreciated the way you shot Kolkata.

There are only two cities I know well, Kolkata and Mumbai. In a thriller, the city plays a very important role and I chose Kolkata because I know the city in and out. It was also very important to show the whole Maa Durga analogy.

Q. Were you ever discouraged to make 'Kahaani'?

Those who did, did so for my benefit. 'Kahaani' is everything a film should not be. It has no songs, no hero. There's a heroine who is pregnant and is covered from head to toe! So, those who discouraged me were genuinely concerned.

Q. Now do you think women-centric films will be well received in India?

Actually, I don't believe in the concept of women-centric films. If I am making a film on an animal, like black beauty, my hero will be a horse! It really depends on the film. But Indian audiences are broadening their horizons and are ready to explore.

Q. As a journalist with Reuters, how did you get into direction?

I was heading their business department in Singapore. Basically, I was selling news. But I had scripts in my mind and went ahead with them. One can't do two things together, at least I can't!

Q. You also acted in 'Everybody Says I am fine' and 'My Brother Nikhil'?

I did, but those film-makers took me because they couldn't find anyone else. I don't want to act. I'd much rather do one thing properly.

Source: After Hrs Correspondent, DNA-Daily News & Analysis

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