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I haven't done any lip job: Anushka Sharma

The fuller lip look was required for my role in 'Bombay Velvet', reveals actress Anushka Sharma

I haven't done any lip job: Anushka Sharma (© Varinder Chawla)

Mumbai: Anushka Sharma has "vehemently" denied going under the knife for a lip job after her appearance on 'Koffee With Karan' attracted negative comments like 'joker lips' on social networking sites.

The 25-year-old 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' star has been facing backlash for the plumped up appearance of her lips for almost a year now.

Anushka in a lengthy tweet said she uses make-up techniques to make her lips look fuller but she admitted that she did not look her best on the chat show.

The actress said she decided to set the record straight concerning her lips "because this story has taken a scary direction and things have been blown out of proportion".

"For a short while now I have been using a temporary lip enhancing tool and that along with makeup techniques (I have learnt over the years) is the reason why there might be a change in the appearance of my lips. Having stated this fact let me very vehemently assure everyone that I have by no means gone 'under the knife' or done any kind of 'plastic surgery' or undergone any intrusive procedure," Anushka wrote on Twitter.

Anushka said being a private person it was hard for her to talk about such a personal thing publicly. She clarified that the fuller lip look was required for her role in 'Bombay Velvet'.

"This was my decision and was done for the sake of my look in my upcoming film Bombay velvet, a period drama where I play a jazz singer in the 1960's-70's. And it was taken from the referencing of that time.

"The drastic change in my appearance on 'Koffee With Karan' is due to lot of factors put together and not just my lips... To put the current conjectures and reportage straight once and for all from my end - I have said this before and am saying it again... I do not believe in plastic surgery or any other means of unnatural permanent changes to the body. I do not support it or stand for it or recommend it."

Finally, the actress addressed the memes about her lips.

"Oh! And also, some of the 'joker' jokes/memes doing the rounds though a bit mean did bring a smile to my lips," she said.

Anushka's decision to take on the criticism directly was applauded by Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt and Sonam Kapoor.

"Anushka Sharma is a powerhouse of talent and the downside of social media cannot and will not take away the core of her creative existence," Johar tweeted.

"Kudos to @AnushkaSharma for addressing unfair criticism head on, have always admired her as an actor and now I definitely admire her as a person," Sonam tweeted.

"Way to go @AnushkaSharma!!! People are dealing with a strong girl here so say what you want nothing is bringing her down!" Alia tweeted.

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