Tue, 29 May 2012 09:09:44 GMT

Imtiaz Ali was offered lead in 'Dekh India Circus'

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali, who has agreed to present and promote director Mangesh Hadawale's film 'Dekh Indian Circus', was initially approached to play the lead role in it.

Imtiaz Ali was offered lead in 'Dekh India Circus'

Producers Chirag Shah and Mahaveer Jain had approached Imtiaz Ali with the lead role.

Though he liked the film, he refused to face the camera and decided to focus on his directorial ventures, said a statement.

After the film was completed, Jain and Hadawale met Ali and showed it to him. He was delighted to watch it and felt that the movie should reach a maximum number of people, as it's an entertaining and meaningful cinematic work.

He thus came on board to promote and present it.

Source: IANS

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