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Kishore Kumar: The Dil, the Deen, the Deewangi

A tribute to Kishore Kumar on his 85th birth anniversary.

A tribute to Kishore Kumar (© Movietalkies)

He never attended parties. He loved watching horror flicks. He played with his toy spooks. He made friends with the trees in his garden; he talked to them. And when he felt like it, he sang.

Kishore Kumar Ganguly treated life as a foolish game, wherein rules were made to be broken. "In this avaricious world, every creative person is bound to be lonely. How can you deny me that right?" he asked. Yet, he married four times!!!!

He could not read the notations. Nor could he name more than three classical singers without prompting. Yet, he sang as if he was possessed!

He complained of his filmmakers "who know nothing". But when Satyajit Ray offered him a role in the famous comedy, 'Parash Pathar', he literally ran away."I was so scared," he said. He loved to live life, Kishore-size! As with all other great men, it was contradictions that made Kishore Kumar.

When he arrived in Bombay in the 1940s, Abhas Kumar Ganguly (the real name) had four idols: K.L. Saigal, Marlon Brando, Boris Karloff and Topol (the star of 'Fiddler on the Roof'). And he had a superstar for a sibling: Ashok Kumar! His greatest wish was to meet the legendary Kundan Lal Saigal. He also wanted to be a singer. "The younger brother of Ashok Kumar" was, however, coerced into acting. And soon, he found himself doing cameos on screen. He hated acting but was too scared to communicate this to his brother. Singing was confined to the toilet. Kishore hit the silver screen with a new brand of comedy that bordered on insanity. He tried his best to shrug off the actor's robes. He troubled his directors to the ends of the world -- He filled his eyes with romance while on an action routine. He looked into the eyes of his heroine like a monster on the prowl. The more he tried to escape, the more he was loved. And he became the second biggest draw after Dilip Kumar!

Paradox: He was so busy that Mohammed Rafi was assigned to sing for him in 'Sharaarat'.

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