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God Tussi...: Juvenile!

Rumi Jafry claims his 'God Tussi Great Ho' is not a copy of 'Bruce Almighty',  but he doesn't even bother to change the profession of his lead character Ajay Prajapati aka AP (Salman Khan).

God Tussi...: Juvenile!

Movie Review By Deepa Gahlot

Like in the original, he works for a TV channel, but his shows don't work, while Alia (Priyanka Chopra), has better luck.  He is in love with her, but is unable to express it.  To make things worse, Rocky (Sohail Khan—still can't act), a rival in love and at work, arrives to extend  AP's list of woes.

At home, he has a nagging father (Anupam Kher—hilarious), a loving mother and an ugly unmarriageable sister. When Rocky steals his job and his girl, AP rants at God, and gets a face to face meeting with Amitabh Bachchan—great bit of casting, though why does God have to wear a white suit?  Rishi Kapoor did too in 'Thoda Pyar Thoda Magic'.

God—who lives in a place that looks like a kitschy computer screensaver—offers AP his job for ten days to see if he can run the world more efficiently.

It gives Jafry a chance to run riot with special effects—there has to be a sequence of rescuing kids from terrorists, so that kids and objects can fly around in the air—tiresome.

AP then plots to get rid of Rocky, improve the appearance of his sister and woo Alia, but when he tries to set the world right, by granting everybody's wishes, he ends up with unmanageable chaos on his hands.

Jafry belongs to the David Dhawan school of juvenile comedy, and is obviously not interested in a discussion on theology, but then he should have at least got better performances from his cast, and much, much better special effects. 

Salman Khan is no Jim Carrey, but gamely carries the film on his shoulders—in spite of weird dialogue delivery, ghastly wardrobe and ever-changing hairdo.  He keeps his shirt on, and well, it's hard to believe he is such a loser; but with a dad like that (who keeps offering him a municipality job), who needs Satan to mess up a guy's mind?

Tacky, but still better than expected; mildly amusing, fine for a long holiday weekend with nothing to do.  But really, Salman ought to get out of this 'demented' rut,  and just grow up. Akshay Kumar has already beaten him (and Govinda) to the comedy czar throne, why (sorry for the mixed metaphor) continue to flog a dead horse.

Source: India Syndicate

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