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Subhash Ghai's 'Yuvvraaj' is, sadly, the work of a filmmaker who has lost the pulse of the audience.

Yuvvraaj Review

Review by Deepa Gahlot

A cellist with the Prague Orchestra, lives in Vienna and has a novice Indian classical singer join the clearly Western musical team, while women in Follies Bergere costumes prance around on stage.

This almost surreal world can only come from the mind of a filmmaker who has either lagged behind while the world of cinema has surged ahead, or stubbornly refuses to recognize that his films are getting to be increasingly outdated. That Subhash Ghai has given mainstream cinema some of its biggest and best films cannot be denied—after all two filmmakers paid tribute to his 'Karz' in recent times.

His latest 'Yuvvraaj' is, sadly, the work of a filmmaker who has lost the pulse of the audience. In the past, he never shot abroad, unless the story ('Pardes') demanded it; he never needed to rely on stars, he created them; his music and song picturisations are still memorable. He never needed to go with the numerology fad and give his films oddly-spelt titles.

In 'Yuvvraaj', he has shot in beautiful locations in Prague, Vienna and London (where, of course, even the Czechs and Austrians speak Hindi!) when there was no need for them. His song picturisations, maybe grand, but completely out of synch with the situations. The idea of 'Family First', is hardly original to begin with, but when the foundation of the script is taken from 'Rain Man' (Barry Levinson, 1988), and the treatment is right out of Balaji serials, with a slapdash handling of actors, not expected of a filmmaker of Ghai's calibre, one is understandably disappointed…dismayed even. Even his ending, with the entire team joining the song-and-dance is taken from Farah Khan's films!

Deven Yuvvraaj (Salman Khan, sleepwalking) is a chorus singer with the Prague Orchestra, where Anushka (Katrina Kaif) is the star Cellist. They are in love, but her father Dr Banton (Boman Irani in Groucho Marx get-up), a doctor who lives in a house that looks like a museum,  won't hear of them getting married. Instead, he wants his daughter to marry the evilly-grinning son of a pair of stupefied looking "millionaires from South Africa."

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