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Review: Sushmita's 'Karma Aur Holi'

Post 'Monsoon Wedding', films focusing on the Indian diaspora have been churned out by makers in the West. But, sadly, a majority of these projects still suffer from the 'Monsoon Wedding' fixation. 'Karma Aur Holi' is one of those films.

Review: Sushmita's 'Karma Aur Holi'

One has often mauled Bollywood films for churning out gibberish at regular intervals, but we stay mum when it comes to films made in America. After watching 'Karma Aur Holi', it reiterates the fact that even Americans frequently come up with junk.

Frankly, nothing works in 'Karma Aur Holi'. Not the plot, not the screen writing, not even the performances. What can you say of a film which, though serious in nature, makes you break into guffaws? Sad indeed!

Meera [Sushmita Sen] and Dev [Randeep Hooda] plan a get-together with a few close friends and relatives at their place. As time passes by, the guests get involved in each others' lives. The evening takes a dramatic turn when an unexpected incident triggers tipsy partygoers to confess their innermost secrets that have never been revealed.

On paper, the concept of 'Karma Aur Holi' sounds truly interesting, but what comes across on screen is amateurish. The film attempts to say too much, but what comes across makes zilch impression. If the writing is bad, the direction [Manish Gupta] is worse.

Barring Sushmita Sen and Suchitra Krishnamoorthy, none of the actors [and that includes veterans like Suresh Oberoi and Rati Agnihotri] leave any impression whatsoever. Randeep Hooda is strictly okay. Naomi Campbell is a lousy actor. Deepal Shaw is plain bad.

On the whole, 'Karma Aur Holi' is a sad case.

Source: Bollywood Hungama

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