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Good Luck: Stolen!!

Almost everyone in Bollywood plagiarises, why would Aditya Datt be an exception, but at least steal a good film, why the mediocre Hollywood flick 'Just My Luck'.

Good Luck: Stolen!!

By Deepa Gahlot

At least that one starred Lindsay Lohan and Chris Pine-- most romantic comedies are formulaic and predictable, and work well because of the cuteness of their lead pairs. Aditya Datt's Good Luck lacks even likeable actors.  Failed on the first count, this dreadful rehash never really has a chance. Neither Aryeman nor Sayali have any comic timing, or at least an easy charm that would make their chemistry work. She is particularly shrieky and irritating.  

Vicky (Aryeman) is an aspiring singer who is so ill-fated, that he can't get anything right,  while Saba (Sayali Bhagat) has the sun shining wherever she goes.  A chance meeting at a masquerade ball at which they kiss, transfers her good luck to him. While her life unravels, he gets a dream break with a music baron (Lucky Ali).

A tarot reader (Archana Puran Singh) tells Saba that she must kiss the guy again to get back her good fortune, but she doesn't know who he was.  In the original, the girl went around kissing all 20 men who were dancing at the ball, Datt draws a line at that, but makes up later when all the characters chase Saba to kiss her for her luck, and many end up kissing each other. Yuck.

The other people cluttering this luckless film are the clairvoyant and her sidekick, a gigolo (Ranvir Shorey), his lover, her husband, Saba's female boss, and a music company minion.  A kid gets a kiss smack on the lips too!

One of the worst films of the year so far,  this one had a handful of people at the cinema, and they seemed to have staggered in because 'Singh is Kinng' running at the hall next door was full. Not so much bad luck as bad filmmaking. Datt's first film 'Aashiq Banaya Aapne', had good music at least; between his second 'Dil Diya Hai' and this one, there is no improvement. Maybe his lucky charm Emran 'The Kisser' Hashmi would have done the trick for him.

However, the one to be pitied here is Ranvir Shorey—star of the small-budget multiplex film, he is wasted in a thankless part, and that, along with an equally hopeless role in Singh is Kinng makes it a double dose of lousy luck for him this week.

Source: India Syndicate

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