Fri, 12 Dec 2008 23:52:40 GMT

'RNBDJ': It's SRK, all the way!


Love turns the frog into a Prince or the ugly duckling into a swan. Movies and fairy tales have been saying this for ages… mostly it's the women who have been transforming themselves to bag the prince, here, for a change the man does.

Then, after saying this, and wringing some tears,  Chopra has funny end-credits about Mr and Mrs Sahni's honeymoon.

If 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi', with its cliché-ridden plot, is still so watchable it's because of Shah Rukh Khan's near-magical performance,  showing that he is always capable of throwing a surprise even when he is playing yet another Romantic. "Raj--naam to suna hoga," he says, one of the many nods  to the director's own DDLJ, a bit too much patting of his own back. Or admitting that DDLJ will forever be a benchmark for his career, and then lowering his own sights.

Source: India Syndicate

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