Fri, 04 Sep 2009 11:04:43 GMT

'Aagey Se Right': Directionless!

'Aagey Se Right' is witty and humorous in parts, but at the same time, the story is so fragile that it runs out of breath when stretched for 2 long hours.

'Aagey Se Right': Directionless!


Till a few years ago, if a director or writer would tell you that the object of attention in his story is a pistol and how the entire film would revolve around it, you'd laugh, even scoff at, on his face. Is he out of his mind? But times have changed. Wacky concepts are the order of the day. Last week, 'Quick Gun Murugun' depicted one. This Friday, it's 'Aagey Se Right'.

Had debutante director Indrajit Nattoji concentrated on just two characters - the cop who loses his gun and the terrorist who loses his heart - instead of focussing on the assorted characters, this one would've been one helluva ride.

Final word? 'Aagey Se Right' doesn't get it right.

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