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'Wanted': For the die-hard Salman fan!

Fans rejoice, as Salman Khan makes a dazzling comeback with 'Wanted'!

Review of Wanted


'Wanted' rides on Salman Khan's star power. He may not be the best actor in town, but in a film like 'Wanted', in a role that seems like an extension of his personality, you can't think of anyone else enacting this role with flourish.

A remake of 'Pokiri' [made in Telugu and Tamil versions], 'Wanted' is a full on masala film. Recall the successful potboilers of yore. Recall how the good guy would reduce 10 hoodlums to pulp in a fraction of seconds. Recall how heroism prevailed in the end, no matter how adverse the circumstances were or how powerful the villains would be. Recall those movies in which logic took a backseat since the focus was on entertainment...You relive those moments as reel after reel of 'Wanted' unfolds.

A departure from candyfloss movies and diabetic-sweet characters that most Hindi movies boast of, 'Wanted' takes you back to those days when popular cinema reigned supreme, when the sole motive of the film-maker was to entertain.

The daring hero and his herogiri, the naïve girlfriend, the corrupt cop, the dreaded don, the don's moll, the fist-clinching henchmen... 'Wanted' is for those who seek unabashed entertainment and relish masala films. Damn the indomitable critics, pseudo intellectuals and connoisseurs of parallel cinema, this one's not for them. 'Wanted' is for the aam junta.

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