Mon, 11 Jan 2010 08:55:12 GMT

'Pyaar Impossible!': Dull!

Pair impossible? You bet! Uday Chopra as the geek in love and Priyanka Chopra as the unattainable self-declared 10-on-10 beauty is a bit of a long shot.

Review of Pyaar Impossible


But in films about the romance of the impossible, anything is possible. In the first 15 minutes of the narrative, Uday gawks, sighs and grins goofily every time Priyanka passes by on the college campus. She's so hot she could scald the film's frames if only the basic treatment was not so 'thanda'.

We see Priyanka on roller-skates, on stage pounding a guitar, at the cafe gabbing with the boys... everywhere except in the classroom.

So who said anything about studies?

Soon Alisha (yup, that's Priyanka's name) is back in India with a little daughter named Tanya who is the most annoying child actor in recent times. When Uday masquerades as her nanny, Tanya threatens: "I'll call the cops and tell them you're doing bad things to me."

The daughter's lines are written to sound cool. And the seven-year-old girl mouths them as though she heard them all on television.

Most of the narrative unfolds in Alisha and her daughter's home where the geek, still smitten after seven years, becomes the monstrously ill-behaved daughter's nanny.

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