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Review: 'Veer'

You have to be a veer to sit through ‘Veer’. Colossal disappointment!

Review of Veer

Salman Khan [who has been credited as the story writer of 'Veer'] takes 'Taras Bulba', adds 'Gladiator', 'Conan The Barbarian', 'Troy', 'Titanic' and even 'Kranti' [the end is a straight lift of Manoj Kumar's Dilip Kumar starrer] and comes up with this khichdi which gets unpalatable after a point.

'Veer' is about a warrior and at the same time, it's a love story too. Sadly, neither does it evoke any patriotism, nor does the love story make your heart go dhak-dhak.

The writing [screenplay: Shaktimaan Talwar, Shailesh Verma] is so fragile that one is mentally exhausted by the time this marathon movie finally reaches its finale. Of course, Salman's star power tries hard to salvage the situation, but window dressing doesn't help if the store has nothing to offer.

'Veer' has it all - great stars, opulent and majestic sets, adrenaline pumping action scenes, but no soul [read script]. The movie begins with a bang, but the moment the story shifts to London, it crashes!

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