Fri, 05 Feb 2010 15:25:54 GMT

Movie Review: ‘Striker’

'Striker' fails to strike a chord.


Some stories seem very interesting on paper. You get hooked, perhaps captivated. But there are times when these stories lose sheen when translated on celluloid.

As a storyteller, you need to have the convincing power to keep the viewer hooked. Also, you ought to know when and how to conclude the story. Like they say, never stretch a story beyond a point...

'Striker', directed by Chandan Arora, falters because the story doesn't arrest your attention in entirety and also, it seems like a never-ending ride, even though the running time is approx. 2 hours. Frankly, the story overstays its welcome.

Cinema is all about narrating stories and Chandan Arora makes a sincere attempt to narrate one in 'Striker', but the multiple tracks and layers in the film act as a spoilsport. The screenplay is patchy and the focus shifts from one episode to another constantly. It's not sacrilegious to have multiple tracks in a film, but you need to conclude each track before the actual story reaches its culmination. Clearly, the screenplay writing lets 'Striker' down.

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