Fri, 12 Mar 2010 15:33:18 GMT

Review: 'Right Yaaa Wrong'

'Right Yaaa Wrong' is a gripping thriller with a taut courtroom drama that catches you unaware and surprises you, especially towards its post-interval portions.

Review: 'Right Yaaa Wrong'

A plot like 'Right Yaaa Wrong' is not easy to pen and narrate. The conflict between two thick friends and how they find themselves on the opposite sides of the law ought to be handled with gloves. Most importantly, when the tension reaches its peak, the culmination has to be razor-sharp and concurrently, justify both the sides' point of view. Fortunately, 'Right Yaaa Wrong' hits the right note.

So what's the verdict? Is watching this fare right or wrong? It's right, I'd say!

Ajay [Sunny Deol] is a brave cop. An unexpected incident takes place and he wants his wife [Eesha Koppikhar] to kill him. Will a wife agree to kill her own husband? Why does Ajay want to kill himself?

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