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Review: 'Well Done Abba'

Corruption has made deep inroads in every sphere of life and Shyam Benegal focuses on it in his 'Well Done Abba'.

Review: 'Well Done Abba'

Like his previous film 'Welcome to Sajjanpur', 'Well Done Abba' is also set in rural India and has characters you either know or observed in the course of your journey.

Adapted from 'Narsaiyyan Ki Bavdi' by Jeelani Bano, 'Phulwa Ka Pul' by Sanjeev and 'Still Waters', a screenplay treatment by Jayant Kripalani, 'Well Done Abba' is a simple story about simple people and is told in the most simplistic manner, like all Benegal movies.

There's certain honesty about Benegal's movies and this one is no exception. It defies the stereotype and makes you smile without resorting to buffoonery. But there's a flip side too: Unwanted scenes, lethargic pace and the unending length for a waferthin storyline are three factors that go against it. In fact, it takes away from the film what was so beautifully created in its first hour. Bluntly put, the post-interval portions play a spoilsport.

When you weigh the pros and cons, 'Well Done Abba' is an average fare from a maker who has made much better films in the past.

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