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Review: 'Udaan'

Poignant, unsettling and disturbing, 'Udaan' is a brilliant take of an adolescent who has stepped into his teens and how he faces a tyrant father, a step brother he never knew existed and how he eventually breaks the shackles and frees himself from a world that's slowly suffocating him.

Review of 'Udaan'

Debutant director Vikramaditya Motwane remains faithful to the written material and handles the characters in the film with tremendous care, understanding and maturity. 'Udaan' borrows something from everyone's life. And that's what makes it an absorbing watch, especially its defining finale.

Final word? This one's a must-see for every parent, every child. This coming-of-age story is unique and speaks a universal language and hence, shouldn't be missed!

The best thing about [most] first-time directors is their ability to narrate a new story without bowing down to market diktats. 'Udaan' is realistic to the core, so much so that the viewer becomes a participant after a while and feels that he's getting a first-hand account of what the troubled teen is enduring.

A number of sequences leave a stunning impact. Note the sequence between Rajat Barmecha and his step brother, when they meet for the first time. Also, the one when Ronit Roy and Rajat Barmecha have a confrontation at the dinner table, when the talk veers to Rajat's plans for the future. And, of course, the finale, the culmination to the film, which will have its share of advocates and adversaries.

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