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Review: 'No Problem'

'No Problem' is full of problems.

Review of No Problem

The most difficult thing is to make people roll with laughter and that's precisely what Bazmee does in film after film, for viewers of all ages. Follow these three mantras religiously, while watching an Anees Bazmee film: Don't seek logic, don't ask questions and just keep your thinking cap outside the theatre. You need to follow these rules while watching 'No Problem' as well. Unfortunately, Bazmee's latest outing is so mind-numbingly dull that you wonder how could he come up with such a soulless and charmless film.

'No Problem' doesn't have a smart plot, theek hain, no problem. But the bigger problem is it doesn't have those genuinely funny sequences and crackling dialogue either that you associate with the accomplished director's films. In the past, in films like 'No Entry', 'Welcome' and 'Singh Is Kinng', Bazmee had handled the multiple characters with aplomb, but the writing is so inconsistent this time that one has to actually struggle to stay attentive.

Final word? 'No Problem' is meant to be a crowd-pleaser, but, sadly, it lacks those clever one-liners, bursting-with-energy sequences and amusing goings-on to make your two hours in the cineplex worthwhile. 'No Problem' has a huge problem: It fails to entertain!

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