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Review: 'Mirch'

'Mirch' has two stories in the first half [great] and two stories in the second [disappointing], while the fifth one, which binds all the earlier tales, is a downer as well. Eventually, it falls short of expectations!

Review: 'Mirch'

So what's new in 'Mirch'? For a change, the women in 'Mirch' are into adultery. They are the ones who are cheating on their husbands and in each of those stories the woman manages to go scot-free when caught red-handed with her lover.

Is the audience mature enough to handle the portrayal of female sexuality on screen? Well, first and foremost, moviegoers are mature enough to understand and laud good themes and subjects and 'Mirch', which director Vinay Shukla refers to as "a celebration of womanhood", narrates four separate stories based on issues of women emancipation and also dabbles with gender equality in a relationship. It's a sex comedy with generous doses of wit; not a serious take on feminism. Again, it is erotic in parts, but not vulgar. We've seen lots of films dealing with male sexuality, but 'Mirch' deals with women's libido and that too in a funny way.

Vinay Shukla is capable of combining the subtlety of good cinema within the accepted communicative form. His new effort is structurally quite innovative, something that hasn't been tried yet.

The first story, from 'Panchtantra', is placed in ancient times, while the second is placed in medieval times and inspired from the 14th century Italian classic 'The Decameron' by Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio. The third is from an Italian fable set in contemporary times and the fourth has been written by Shukla himself. Interesting stories all, but the level of interest in those four stories fluctuates radically. While the first two stories are wonderful, mainly because the 'games' women play in those stories catch you by complete surprise, the third and fourth stories are a sharp contrast. You feel let down because they're outright predictable and not a patch on the ones that you had watched in the first hour.

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