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Review: 'Toonpur Ka Superrhero'

'Toonpur Ka Superrhero' may not be the most satisfying and gratifying movie experience you've had, but the film at least makes an effort to go where Hindi films have been before.

Review of Toonpur Ka Superrhero

'Toonpur Ka Superrhero' is not only India's first live action full-length animation feature, made on a lavish budget, it also has all the matinee masala that the other Friday offerings do. There's a hero, a heroine, a bunch of virtuous as well as wicked characters, a femme fatale and a baddie. The only difference is that this film has flesh and blood characters intermingling with animated characters.

Twenty-two years ago, Robert Zemeckis gave moviegoers 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit', which is talked about to this date. It was one of the initial motion pictures that depicted animated film characters interact with human beings. But it took years of development, preparation, research and homework for the makers of 'Toonpur Ka Superrhero' to integrate animation with live action. Thankfully, the effort is worth it.

The motive of animation films or films like 'Toonpur Ka Superrhero' is to entertain the entire spectrum of audience, from kids to adolescents to adults. So far, the target audience for our animated films has only been kids. But, hopefully, 'Toonpur Ka Superrhero' should change the attitude and outlook. It's a film for kids and adults alike, who may take away different things from the experience, but who will be united in their sheer excitement of this visually exciting experiment. Of course, the film lacks finesse at places, but at least director Kireet Khurana and the technicians who worked on the film have made an effort to charter a new path, which is worth acknowledging.

Final word? 'Toonpur Ka Superrhero' blends inventive animation with old-fashioned values to deliver a decent family adventure.

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