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Review: 'Game'

Game Review

Hindi cinema is undergoing a major metamorphosis. But the rules of the game haven't changed. A whodunit should keep your interest alive till the penultimate moments. Besides, the identity of the killer/culprit should come as a shock, when the veil of secrecy is lifted. Also, the logic or rationale behind the goings-on needs to be convincing and relatable at the same time. Unfortunately, 'Game' misfires on all three counts.

The problem with 'Game' is manifold. First and foremost, first-time storyteller Abhinay Deo serves a slick-flick that's devoid of meat. It's all about narrating interesting stories and how convincingly do they translate on celluloid, but Abhinay seems to be under the notion that stunning locales and vibrant/energetic action pieces compensate for a tight/cohesive script. Nope, they don't!

Another problem with the film is that the screenplay [penned by Althea Delmas Kaushal] goes for a toss after an electrifying first hour. In fact, We'd go to the extent of saying that the first and second halves are diametrically opposite in terms of content and also the impact they leave. While the first hour succeeds in holding your attention thanks to the interesting twists and turns [never mind the slow pacing at times] and flows like a breeze, the second hour simply tests your patience. It's puzzling and confusing, with everyone pretending to be Sherlock Holmes.

Moreover, the second hour is formulaic and takes the most convenient route to reach the finale [more on that later]. Agree, Hindi films abound in cinematic liberties, but the implausible screenplay takes not just the cake, but the bakery away. The finale is so weird and amateurish that one wonders, how did the director and such experienced producers approve it at the script level itself?

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