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Review: 'Thank You'

Thank You Review

Anees Bazmee has successfully followed the magic mantra over the years: Garnish light moments with spice [sex], gloss [panoramic locales], a bit of pulsating action and of course, hip-swinging music. Sprinkle gags and punches. Throw logic out of the window. Pack a number of stars in the enterprise. Voilà! The recipe for a paisa vasool entertainer is ready.

But 'Thank You' is as inconsistent as the roads of Mumbai. Sometimes, the ride is as smooth as silk. But there are times when one encounters potholes aplenty during the course of this journey. In fact, like 'Game' last Friday, the two halves of 'Thank You' are as diverse as chalk and cheese. While the first hour of 'Thank You' is thoroughly enjoyable and you genuinely feel that Bazmee is in his element, the second hour - which should've been superior - is agonizing and intolerable. The writing goes topsy-turvy in this hour, so much so that when you exit the auditorium, it's not with a smile, but a smirk.

Like Bazmee's last endeavour 'No Problem', 'Thank You' also suffers due to weak writing [screenplay: Bazmee, Rajiv Kaul, Ikram Akhtar, Nisar Akhtar and Rajan Agarwal], especially in its post-interval portions. What compounds the problem is that while the on-screen characters try too hard to make you laugh, you just don't react. The jokes are bland and the situations the three husbands land up in are far from funny. By the time the story reaches its conclusion, the viewer is already exhausted.

Raj, Yogi and Vikram -- best friends, business partners, serial womanizers and happily married! Happy, because their lovely wives have no clue that their husbands cheat on them with every pretty young thing they can lay their eyes on. This picture perfect world is rocked when Raj's wife Sanjana begins to suspect her husband and hires the suave private detective, Kishan, to tail him.

Kishan has built his reputation as a man who saves marriages by getting erring husbands to mend their ways. In this particular case, however, his overwhelming attraction towards Sanjana means he may not be acting in her best interest. What follows is a crazy cat-n-mouse game, with Kishan trying to catch the husbands with their pants down literally and them attempting to just stay outside his grasp.

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