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Review: 'Ragini MMS'

Ragini MMS Review

On the flipside, the film stagnates for a few minutes in the post-interval portions, but perks up again and maintains the pace till the conclusion. Though the film is short in duration, with a running time of approx 100 minutes, you still feel that things could've been spruced up towards the middle of the second half. Also, the card at the end, which shares vital info on the characters and the conclusion, could've had a longer stay for it to register well. Yet, all said and done, these are minor blemishes that don't really take away much from the efforts of the rest of the film.

'Ragini MMS' is one more film that signifies the altering face of Hindi cinema. A fry cry from the horror films churned out till a few years ago, this one borrows inspiration from the talked-about 'Paranormal Activity' [the technique of shooting both films is same] and gives it the desi feel. Actually, a film like 'Ragini MMS' is not for those looking for conventional horror films, with women in white saris singing songs and disappearing in the night. This one has a very western approach, yet is very desi at heart.

Along with the horror genre, there is a certain emotional aspect in the story as well, which shows how the guy lures the girl under the pretext of love in order to take a video clip of her and sell it. The director as well as the DoP [Tribhuvan Babu] ensures that the hand-held camera footage as also the cinematography in general are in sync. There's no scope for songs in the film and portions of the songs, inserted at places, are well juxtaposed in the sequences. However, we'd like to make a special mention of the background score [Faizan-Agnel]. It's more than just throbbing music, digitized screams and high-pitched shrieks.

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