Mon, 27 Feb 2012 13:25:51 GMT

SRK misses great movie plotlines

SRK, who was seen in two back-to-back actioners, rues the "demise of great movie plotlines" and also complains that his "information highway" is not so good.

Saddened at demise of great movie plotlines: SRK

"Saddened at the demise of great movie plot lines. Wotever happened to car chases...macho one liners & sharon stone crossing her legs," tweeted SRK who featured in last year's sci-fi superhero movie 'Ra.One' as well as the sleek thriller 'Don 2: The King Is Back'.

The 46-year-old is in London to shoot for Yash Raj Films next project, in which he has teamed up with Katrina Kaif.

While enjoying a lazy Sunday noon, the superstar tweeted: "My information highway sucks ...tabloids write sum crap...TV channels ticker tape it...twitter reports it to me...I get to know shit! Q.E.D."

"Close Open Details QED is an abbreviation for a Latin term which means wot needed to be proved or demonstrated has been shown....or simply put...there got it!"

His earlier posts read: "Close Open Details... i read somewhere...i went searching for truth and found facts instead. Happens to all of us...its hugely annoying and very inconvenient..

"Late work call. In bed doing nothing...nada...nought. Work has a future pay off...laziness pays off now! Eternal nothingness for half hour."

Source: IANS

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