Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

Short Bio

Katrina's is a story of grit, determination, hard work and a giant dollop of good luck. The career of this British-Indian star began with a tepid debut in Bollywood with Kaizad Gustad's 2003 stinker, 'Boom'. Fortunately, she escaped relatively unscathed and began to actively model in India. One of the stumbling blocks in her Hindi film career was her inability to speak the language and her initial movies have been dubbed by voice-over artistes.

Known to be extremely hard working, this young star took extensive language as well as dance lessons to hone herself for Bollywood. All that work, coupled with her stunning good looks paid off and she soon became one of India's top heroines. On a personal front too Katrina hit the jackpot after snagging one of Bollywood's top actors and bad boys (with a soft heart), Salman Khan.

In 2008, Katrina was ranked as the most searched Bollywood celebrity on Google. Whether it was to get more of her comely face and curvaceous body or to dig some secrets about her romance with Salman, about which she is extremely private, one thing's for sure - this real life Barbie Doll is here to stay!

Source: Nidhi Raichand/ India Syndicate

Images: MovieTalkies/ Bollywood Hungama