Love Speak

"My working with Aamir was pretty accidental. I am not from a filmy family. A friend of mine who was working with Aamir's 'Lagaan' asked me if I would like to work as part of the team, and I agreed. Prior to that, I must have watched, like, ten Hindi movies in my life. I didn't know much about Hindi films at all. And one of the films she did know about was 'Rangeela'. QSQT was the first complete Hindi film I ever watched, as a young adult. I must have been about 14 then. I'll never forget that because, it was the first movie I watched on our new VCR." Kiran Rao on her serendipitous association with Lagaan and Aamir.

'So Kiran and I are away from home, in one very quiet spot, just lying in and resting. Reading, going for walks, watching films,' Aamir Khan on his blog, talking about the couple spending some away time shortly after Kiran tragically miscarried their first child.