Despite the complex matrix of number crunching, it has been accepted that 'Kurbaan' will hardly recover its money. So will it compete with 'Blue' for the honour of the flop of the decade? The tragedy about 'Kurbaan's box-office performance can perhaps be the lesson Bollywood must learn, moving forward.

The film had the best of names: Karan Johar, Anurag Kashyap and Rensil D'Silva. Johar came up with a convoluted, hole-riddled story; and Kashyap wrote some of the most hilarious lines in Bollywood history along with Nirangan Iyengaar.

So why did half the Bollywood press corps fail to see the weakness of the film? Why do they refuse to call a spade a spade? Why do they continue to suck up to the big names in industry? Why wasn't this movie, which will leave behind more misconceptions about Muslims than ever before, panned for its sheer wastage of resources?

'Kurbaan' should be the last sacrifice in waste of resources by Bollywood. But will the industry learn? Definitely not, and that is what the year taught us.