Bollywood Decade Poll: The Winners

When we, at MSN, planned to pull out a Decade Special for Bollywood, the thought, at first, was to make a critics' panel and to leave them with the task of choosing the winners. But then, good sense prevailed, and we decided to ask our reader what his/her choice would be. To our amazement, the Decade Poll was taken up whole-heartedly by our enthusiastic readers, who turned up in thousands at our virtual polling booths to cast their vote and to discuss the nominations. Thank you all!

As is the case with all massively-conducted elections, these too were not without controversies. We were both applauded and diatribed for this effort. And now, the time has come to announce the winners.

Click on..., as we present to you the winners of MSN's Bollywood Decade Poll.

Source: India Syndicate