Here is a surprise. We would have predicted it had SRK been voted by our readers to be the Superstar of the Decade. But, here he is, topping the actors' list as well. Of the 51,980 readers who took part in our "Actor of the Decade" poll, 29 per cent believed that Shahrukh Khan was a better actor (in/for this decade) than Aamir Khan (26 per cent) and Amitabh Bachchan (16 per cent). The King Khan has also been chosen as the Superstar of the Decade. Of the 24,928 votes in the ballot box, 55 per cent went to SRK and 26 to Aamir. Amitabh, again, came a distant third, with 9 per cent of the votes in his favour. Sallu came fourth with 4 per cent of the votes.