This has been a decade of consequence, for Bollywood. It witnessed the coming-of-age of the great Khan trio. It saw Amitabh Bachchan reinvent himself and win over the critic and the layman, alike. It saw the emergence of neo-parallel cinema in Bollywood. It saw bold erotic spectacles braving the prude's frown to land on the B.O Red Carpet. New faces were launched, new box-office records were set and new tales have started getting told.

Aamir can smile, here. Our readers have voted three of his blockbusters to be the greatest Bollywood hits of this decade. Of the 11,498 readers who took part in the poll, 36 per cent voted '3 Idiots' to be their favourite hit of the decade, followed by 'Lagaan' (13 per cent), 'Rang De Basanti (9 per cent) and 'Kal Ho Na Ho' (6 per cent).