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Updated: Fri, 18 Oct 2013 20:00:00 GMT | By Felicity Thistlethwaite
Jessica Alba and other over-achieving stars

Jessica Alba's one of Hollywood's over-achieving stars!

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Jessica Alba isn't just a pretty face - oh no. The Latina lovely is currently celebrating the extention of her company, Honest Company, to Canada. Honest Co offers eco-friendly, non toxic family products delivered to your door - an idea the actress had when she was pregnant with her first child, Honor, who's now five.

With two children, an award-winning movie career and now a multi-national, eco-friendly goods company, Jessica must be very proud of her achievements. She recently gave advice to other working mums: "All mums need confidants who are in their shoes and can relate to what they’re going through. You need a night out together to be who you are, and not feel like you have to be the career woman, wife and mummy- all at once. After all, we’re not superwomen."

But she's not the only over-achieving A-lister in Hollywood - click through to see other stars who have been hugely successful in areas outside of their main craft...